Men and women across the globe have an almost universal agreement that slimmer waists are attractive. They may be unconscious clues of a woman’s fertility or they may just simply be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Many methods have been invented and procedures made in order for women to achieve the waist of their dreams. And one of them is waist training. But there can be confusion in identifying which is a waist trainer and which is a corset.

Major Differences of Trainers and Corsets
Generally speaking, waist training involves garments that help shape the waist over time. It makes use of the pressure created by the force that tucks the belly in. Trainers and corsets are usually utilized for this purpose. However, not many people know that trainers and corsets have differences. Below is the breakdown of areas that they differ in.

  • How it’s Attached – An easy way to identify the difference between a corset and a trainer is through how they hold the material and the way it is constructed. Corsets have steel boning in them that goes through the material while trainers have plastic boning. When it comes to securing them in place, trainers make use of eye & hook whereas corsets have back laces.
  • Material – Corsets are usually made with leather, satin, and cotton for breathability purposes. On the other hand, waist trainers come in spandex, nylon, and latex materials.
  • When it’s Used – Some women don’t like going through waist training during sleep. The best option for them would be to use a corset in the morning. During the night and in their sleep, women can opt for trainers instead because it is more comfortable sleeping in.

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