Dash cams have become more popular recently and this is because of how useful they can be. If you have the chance, you should invest in good quality dash cams for your cars as well. You can never know when you need it the most which are why it matters that you are able to get one that you can ultimately trust. You may be looking at the Thinkware dash cam. Basically, this dash cam has amazing advanced features as well as front and rear videos that you can surely make good use of. If you are considering buying your first dash cam then this brand would be a great option to start with.

Things That You Can Expect From Dash Cams
If you are planning on buying Thinkware dash cams, it is important that you also know what they have to offer you. The dash cam is one of the most capable when it comes to giving you 1080/30fps 140-degree wide-angle videos. Apart from that it also has an HDMI out, a 2.7-inch LCD can record from the internal camera, can save videos to both internal NAND and the SD cards, and you can use the rear view camera which is attached via USB. In addition, the dash cams have audio and voice feedback, collision warnings, lane departure, and gives you notices when it comes to speed cameras as well as traps.

Why You Would Love Using Dash Cams
Getting dash cams is not a waste of money. It pays to be able to stay prepared when you need it. When you have a dash cam installed in your car then you are actually giving yourself added protection. You have also something to use as a back up in case something happens along the way of your journey. This brand gives you dash cams with a wide 140-degree field of view which is perfect when it comes to daytime viewing.