An Australian In Japan – The Story Of Kim Dao

The Internet is a fascinating tool wherein anyone can gain access to any sorts of information. It is also a great platform for people to spread positivity and inspire other people in the process. Nowadays, there are now many social media or online influencers whom many people look up to. These influencers can cover any niche such as fashion, social awareness, and music just to name a few. It is actually quite easy to get your message across with the help of websites like YouTube wherein you can post and share videos.

Be Inspired
If you are interested in world travel, fashion, and beauty; then you need to be updated with the life of Kim Dao who runs her own popular blog and YouTube channel. Kim is from Australia but decided to move to Japan. She is a well-known blogger and YouTuber with many followers. She has also worked closely with many popular brands and many people look up to her because of her extensive knowledge in subjects that are close to her heart such as beauty, fashion, makeup and of course travel.

Kim’s Personal Life
Kim Dao attended the University of Western Australia where she studied Psychology and Japanese. Her blog was initially created as a sort of documentary for her first trip to Japan back in 2011. Kim immediately fell in love with the country and made her blog so she can remember every bit of her trip. Because of her exciting and interesting travel, many people began to notice and visit her blog so she decided to create a YouTube channel for a bigger reach in audience.

Kim is indeed one of the most loved social media influencers and she has also worked with brands like Amore Pacific, Etude House, Liz Lisa, Schwarzkopf and as well as ShuUemura.